Cube Esquire, with over a decade of experience in the baby garments segment, has been a stalwart in providing premium and 100% baby-safe products. The entity’s unwavering commitment to quality is evident in its meticulous selection of the finest fabrics, employing technically proficient personnel, and utilizing a state-of-the-art production unit situated in Kochi, Kerala.

Driven by a vision to offer unparalleled quality directly from the factory to consumers at the best prices, Cube Esquire has established itself as a reliable name in the realm of baby care. The product range extends beyond garments, encompassing a variety of essential items such as baby high chairs, carriers, bath tubs, potties, rockers, and baby chairs. Each item reflects the entity’s dedication to ensuring the well-being of our little ones.

Cube Esquire is an integral part of the Esquire Group, a multifaceted entity engaged in trading, manufacturing, and logistics. The diversified portfolio includes Esquire Multiplast Pvt Ltd, the plastic processing division of the group, equipped with Injection & Roto Moulding processing capabilities across multiple units serving both domestic and international markets. Additionally, Esquire Cargo Management Pvt. Ltd operates as the logistics vertical, boasting its own fleet of trucks and warehouses strategically positioned throughout India to cater to the needs of industry giants.

This comprehensive setup positions Cube Esquire as not just a provider of baby garments but as a key player within a broader spectrum of industries, reflecting the Esquire Group’s commitment to excellence across various sectors.

Core Values
“Dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our customers, continually thriving for innovation.”